Beat The Chill With This Roasted Cauliflower Soup

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It’s seriously cold here in New York and locals are doing everything they can to keep warm. In my case, that means making hot soup (though, I think I benefit more from the heat my stove kicks off than I do from the soup…).

This recipe is a staple in the MAS kitchen. And, while you might come across versions of roasted cauliflower soup that call for cream or milk, this particular vegetable puree is rich and hearty without the necessity for dairy.


Thank You, Yotam. This Is How You Do Eggplant

Food Stories


I read a Kindle on the subway, listen to podcasts at work and once in a while give my eyes a break and listen to audiobooks.  But when it comes to cooking, nothing beats a good old-fashioned analog cookbook. And, the best of them, just like great novels, are unexpected, compelling and always satisfying.

Within this genre, the work of Chef Yotam Ottolenghi sits above the rest. An Israeli chef, restaurant owner and author, Chef Ottolenghi is my flavor soulmate. And, I’m not alone. His books which include Ottolenghi, Plenty, Jersualem and most recently, Plenty More, have received high praise across the globe.