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Apologies for the delay in posting!

After launching the Fresh 100 and continuing to expand and curate the #Fresh100 feed, I admit I’ve been neglecting my duties in the MAS Test Kitchen. But fear not, it’s MAS’ most favorite time of the year – BBQ Season!! – and, we’re determined to get into some culinary yolo this summer.


Berry Belvedere Fizz

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I like to say, “When life gifts you with fresh summer berries and a bottle of Belvedere vodka, make cocktails”. Actually, I just like to say, “Let’s make cocktails” but the vibes are definitely enhanced when you’ve got high quality spirits, farm fresh mixers and a few good friends to share in the experience.

When it comes to clear spirits, I’m vodka all the way. Given the few missteps I’ve had with gin in college and the overall black out effects of Tequila, vodka has proven to be the most prolific and refreshing of mixed drink options. Normally I’m a Ketel girl but I had been gifted a bottle of Belvedere (along with the disclaimer that it was the best of the premium vodkas) and decided to use the opportunity to experiment with some of this season’s Farmer’s Market fruit that have been an endless source of culinary inspiration.

A few things to note as I prepared to write this blog. Belvedere is a Polish vodka named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, as is illustrated on the bottle. The distillery from which this spirit is produced has been in existence for over 100 years! Compare that to Grey Goose which was conceived in 1996. That’s a lot of years of heritage and experience in a glass of Belvedere. And, indeed, the Belvie proved to be elevated and easy drinking. No noxious rubbing alcohol taste here. Price? Pretty much on par with Grey Goose. (Ketel is 10 dollars cheaper if we are using Astor Wine & Spirits as reference.)

So, the results of my summer cocktail experiment is what I am calling the Berry Belvedere Fizz. This is a simple but refreshing mixed drink that utilizes the holy trinity of berries – blue, black and raspberry. I assure you, it will go down easy on a warm summer afternoon. Give it a whirl this weekend, you won’t be disappointed!







1 bottle of Belvedere Vodka

1 package of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

Several limes

Mint for garnish



Seltzer or Club Soda

Simple Syrup (Boil 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, let cool)

Add a handful of assorted berries to an empty glass. Add 1-2 shots of Vodka. (No judgements here.) Add 1-2 Tablespoons of Simple Syrup. Muddle fruits to infuse vodka. Add the juice of half a lime. Add ice, desired amount of seltzer and swirl. Garnish with lime slices and mint. Get crunk! JK. Drink responsibly. Cheers!