Baking With Mulling Spices

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This post originally appeared on Vinepair.

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing more heartwarming than curling up with a piping hot alcoholic beverage.

Mulled wine is a winter tradition that has stood the test of time. In fact, it’s so beloved it now has its own national holiday. No surprises here. Take one whiff of cinnamon, spice and all that’s nice and instantly evoke the best that winter has to offer. But why stop at wine? Mulling spices are our favorite addition to otherwise boring baked goods.

Want to spice up your winter morning routine? Treat yourself to our butter-free Mulled Spice Muffins.


Mull Your Own Wine Tonight

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Mulling wine is a tradition that dates back to the Medieval Times and, according to some sources, a practice born out of function rather than taste. Supposedly, mulling wine – adding heat and spices to wine – was considered to be more sanitary than drinking water. Whether this reasoning was based on scientific evidence or an incredibly clever marketing scheme by a business minded barkeep, we’re grateful that our favorite winter beverage made its way through the centuries and into our mugs.