Chicken And Rice And Everything Nice

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At MAS, healthy ingredients, clean flavors and simple preparations always prevail. It’s why we’re such big fans of Middle Eastern cuisine, and, why we were so excited when Sam Sifton’s recent NYT: Cooking newsletter featuring an easy to make Chicken Shawarma arrived in our inbox. This was a recipe we had to test.


Thank You, Yotam. This Is How You Do Eggplant

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I read a Kindle on the subway, listen to podcasts at work and once in a while give my eyes a break and listen to audiobooks.  But when it comes to cooking, nothing beats a good old-fashioned analog cookbook. And, the best of them, just like great novels, are unexpected, compelling and always satisfying.

Within this genre, the work of Chef Yotam Ottolenghi sits above the rest. An Israeli chef, restaurant owner and author, Chef Ottolenghi is my flavor soulmate. And, I’m not alone. His books which include Ottolenghi, Plenty, Jersualem and most recently, Plenty More, have received high praise across the globe.

Try This Lemon Preserve When You’re In A Jam

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Preserved Lemon is an ingredient often found in Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. Essentially, preserved lemons are simply fresh lemons bathed in salt water. Once preserved – a process that takes about a month on the shelf – the ingredient is mainly used in dressings and sauces. Imagine rich lemon flavor without the tartness or mouth puckering acidity. Preserved lemon can be found at speciality grocery stores or can just as easily be jarred at home. But what do you do in a jam?

Chocolate Covered What?!

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I’m not sure this has ever been done. In fact, I haven’t even Googled it yet, because I want to believe my weird snacking habits as a child have finally paid it forward.

This weekend, I decided to trust my culinary instincts. The result? A true MAS original inspired by my youth. While I can’t claim to have created the next Cronut, this sweet and savory mashup will definitely delight!

How do you like your balls?

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Make A Story Meatball Main

Like most warm-blooded carnivores, winter gives me serious meat cravings. So, it was rather serendipitous that my roommate happened to bring home a copy of The Meatball Shop cookbook.

For those of you not in the know, The Meatball Shop is a popular dining destination in NYC (now with six locations). They serve meatballs from a range of culinary origins that feature a variety of sauces and flavors. I’ve only eaten at the restaurant once, and it was many years ago, but I remember leaving thinking, ‘you can’t really go wrong with meatballs.’

Ratatouille Is French For Pretty Vegetables

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For our recent Fairway Dinner party, we knew we had two vegetarians on the guest list and would have to plan the menu accordingly. After racking our brains for quite a few days, we would ultimately let simplicity prevail.

5 Tips For Hosting A Great Dinner Party

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Make A Story was born out of a passion for food and creating new experiences with friends. Since we love cooking, and love hosting, it only made sense to launch an official dinner series for the blog. We were fortunate enough to find an amazing partner in Fairway Market, and with their assistance, began to develop the concept for the #FairwayDinner series. We wrestled with big, flashy ideas and themes, but at the end of the day we knew that a successful dinner would rest on the laurels of good food and great company.

With that said, we recently hosted our first of many Fairway Dinners with a simple goal: showcasing our favorite recipes to share with friends, old and new.

We have so much to share from the experience but wanted to start with our five tips and takeaways for hosting a dinner party of your own. Read on for more.

WÜSTHOF Vs Root Vegetable Slaw

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There is nothing more important in a chef’s toolkit than a quality kitchen knife. We define quality based on a few factors: sharpness of blade, sturdiness of handle, and finally, cost-to-performance ratio (aka, bang for your buck).

All That Bread!

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Welcome to Fall. Dust off those sweaters, pick those apples and bake that bread. There’s something about the season that makes me want to fire up the oven and bake, bake, bake. Nothing like warm cinnamon and nutmeg aromas wafting in the air!

For my first bake of Autumn, I made a batch of my favorite gluten free banana bread for some friends who just had their first little kiddie (Congrats Kate and Frank!). I decided to also test out a carrot bread recipe for the new parents as well. The resulting breads are highly recommended for a weekend at home. Fresh out of the oven or with a little time in the toaster, serve with butter (or cream cheese) for a warm slice of Fall.