Restaurant Concepts: Strogoff in Paris’ 9th District

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As someone interested in the culinary crossroads of food and design, I believe that you eat with your eyes first. This holds true to the food, of course, but also of the concept and branding of a restaurant. Dining is a sensory experience from the decor down to your plate.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with French designer, Marc Chami, about a restaurant he helped to brand in the 9th District of Paris. Our conversation inspired a new column for the blog, Restaurant Concepts, where I’ll speak to designers and restauranteurs around the world about the process of conceptualizing restaurants. But first, check out Marc’s work at the jump.


But Seriously, You Can Pickle That



At MAS, we love of our vegetables. And, we really love them when they are pickled. Cue your Brooklyn-hipster Portlandia pickle jokes. But seriously, if you don’t love pickles, I’m not sure we can be friends.

5 Tips For Hosting A Great Dinner Party

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Make A Story was born out of a passion for food and creating new experiences with friends. Since we love cooking, and love hosting, it only made sense to launch an official dinner series for the blog. We were fortunate enough to find an amazing partner in Fairway Market, and with their assistance, began to develop the concept for the #FairwayDinner series. We wrestled with big, flashy ideas and themes, but at the end of the day we knew that a successful dinner would rest on the laurels of good food and great company.

With that said, we recently hosted our first of many Fairway Dinners with a simple goal: showcasing our favorite recipes to share with friends, old and new.

We have so much to share from the experience but wanted to start with our five tips and takeaways for hosting a dinner party of your own. Read on for more.