Restaurant Concepts: Strogoff in Paris’ 9th District

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As someone interested in the culinary crossroads of food and design, I believe that you eat with your eyes first. This holds true to the food, of course, but also of the concept and branding of a restaurant. Dining is a sensory experience from the decor down to your plate.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with French designer, Marc Chami, about a restaurant he helped to brand in the 9th District of Paris. Our conversation inspired a new column for the blog, Restaurant Concepts, where I’ll speak to designers and restauranteurs around the world about the process of conceptualizing restaurants. But first, check out Marc’s work at the jump.


All About That Spread

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Apologies for the delay in posting!

After launching the Fresh 100 and continuing to expand and curate the #Fresh100 feed, I admit I’ve been neglecting my duties in the MAS Test Kitchen. But fear not, it’s MAS’ most favorite time of the year – BBQ Season!! – and, we’re determined to get into some culinary yolo this summer.

Instagram Tips From Our Favorite Food Bloggers

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The Faux Martha

Image via @TheFauxMartha

As a food blogger with a day job in digital marketing, I’ve always had a keen interest in the intersection of food, technology and social media. Since launching Make A Story last fall, Instagram has served as my biggest source of inspiration for recipe development and food styling. Through the platform, I have discovered and connected with other food bloggers, editors and enthusiasts around the globe, many of whom are passionate amateurs like myself, interpreting food in their unique style and voice.

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of Make A Story’s Fresh 100, a daily list of the best food photos on Instagram from our favorite food magazines, blogs, editors, photographers and stylists. The Fresh 100 calculates the engagement rate of Instagram photos pulled from a carefully curated list of Instagrammers, then ranks them from 1 to 100. The site is automatically refreshed at 9am daily so you can expect a fresh batch of delightful food photos every morning. Our hope is that this beautiful, mouthwatering feed inspires you to embrace culinary adventures of your own.

To help us celebrate, we asked four of our favorite food bloggers to share their Instagram tips and tricks with you.

S is for Spring Snap Pea & Strawberry Salad

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This weekend, I retired my winter parka to its rightful place in the back of the closet and slept with the windows open just a crack. It seems Spring has finally sprung here in NYC, which means so long to roasted root vegetables and hello to vibrant, colorful Spring produce.

Your Weekend Bake

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My friend Jen is a classically trained baker and someone I turn to when looking for a little sweet inspiration. After various stints as a Pastry Chef in esteemed New York City kitchens such as Mario Batali’s Esca and the Upper East Side mainstay, Orsay, she now heads the pastry department at Citibank’s Executive Dining program.

Baking With Mulling Spices

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This post originally appeared on Vinepair.

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing more heartwarming than curling up with a piping hot alcoholic beverage.

Mulled wine is a winter tradition that has stood the test of time. In fact, it’s so beloved it now has its own national holiday. No surprises here. Take one whiff of cinnamon, spice and all that’s nice and instantly evoke the best that winter has to offer. But why stop at wine? Mulling spices are our favorite addition to otherwise boring baked goods.

Want to spice up your winter morning routine? Treat yourself to our butter-free Mulled Spice Muffins.

Never Go Wrong With A Quick Pickle Salad

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At MAS, we love our vegetables. We love them raw. We love them sautéed. We love them steamed. We love them roasted. And, we especially love them pickled. Whether you need a light, refreshing side to pair with a rich, saucy protein or want to make use of some extra veg in your fridge, we guarantee this Quick Pickle Cucumber 7 Radish Salad will become a staple in your culinary repertoire.

Celebrate The Lunar New Year With Dumplings!

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I have distinct childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table and watching in awe as my mother and grandmother would expertly transform a giant bowl of meat and these thin white skins of dough into magical meat pockets. They could churn out a hundred of them at a time, in a matter of minutes. These mandus, Korean for dumplings, would be shared amongst friends and family or stored away in the freezer for a special occasion such as the Lunar New Year. For Koreans, new year tradition calls for Rice Cake Soup with Mandu. Prepared as breakfast, this warm and hearty meal is meant to summon luck and prosperity for the coming year.

Beat The Chill With This Roasted Cauliflower Soup

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It’s seriously cold here in New York and locals are doing everything they can to keep warm. In my case, that means making hot soup (though, I think I benefit more from the heat my stove kicks off than I do from the soup…).

This recipe is a staple in the MAS kitchen. And, while you might come across versions of roasted cauliflower soup that call for cream or milk, this particular vegetable puree is rich and hearty without the necessity for dairy.

Chicken And Rice And Everything Nice

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At MAS, healthy ingredients, clean flavors and simple preparations always prevail. It’s why we’re such big fans of Middle Eastern cuisine, and, why we were so excited when Sam Sifton’s recent NYT: Cooking newsletter featuring an easy to make Chicken Shawarma arrived in our inbox. This was a recipe we had to test.